“Cities4Life is more than I expected it to be. They link ministries and organizations together in a way that not only strengthens them individually, but doubles the impact collectively! I am now a raving fan and supporter of Cities4Life and cannot wait to see how God uses this ministry to advance His kingdom!”

Alex Kendrick, Pastor and Filmmaker (Sherwood Pictures)

“It was so great to witness what takes place at the abortion mill. We got to observe the darkness around the place, but more so the love and compassion in the pleading for the lost to turn from their sin because of the hope that is in Christ. I was especially blessed to be able to pray for the couple in the red car being ministered to by others to find out later the young lady was getting an ultrasound in the RV and then her boyfriend giving his life to Christ! Hallelujah for the fruit born through the faithful work of the saints to the glory of God. We’re so happy we came out last night and today and look forward to more of these missions trips to save lives through the life-changing power of the Gospel! Thank you so much!”

Justin Edwards from the Airō Blog

“I can honestly say, I was blessed even more today than the “save” [lady who chose life] was! And to think, all I did was offer her a ride home when she and her son were walking down the street toward the clinic. I didn’t go to her to minister to her in an anti-abortion stance, but just as Mom-to-Mom with a child in the heat. Who knew it would change a life? God did! Praise God that he was able to use my willingness to help her for HIS glory!”

Wendy Carpenter, wife and mom

“Forget skydiving, bungie jumping, or any other adrenaline rush. There is no bigger “rush” than getting on a mic, proclaiming God’s love to hurting women who feel they have no options. If you want to show your kids what spiritual battle looks like, this is it! It is amazing to see how He can use us…even “over-zealous Peters” like me. Please come with us next week if you can! You will be amazed to see how the Holy Spirit can work through you and your children.”

Danielle, Homeschool Mom to 3

“Alex said “Whoever wants the next generation the most will get them!” I know this generation will be the Lord’s, He wants them for His service, and we are training them for expressly that purpose! Future warriors, praise the Lord!”

Bobby Wilkinson, Pastor

“Hi! I saw you 3 days ago. I was going to give my baby up and I’m happy I didn’t do it. I want you and the people that you were with to know that it meant the whole world to me to know that you all care about me, not even knowing me. Thanks! I hope to hear from you soon. Any time you want [to call], because [if it weren’t] for you I would have done a really bad thing.”

Jennifer (a mom who chose LIFE for her son, Demir!)

“There is NO doubt in my mind that if you hadn’t been there [abortion clinic] I would have had the abortion. Thank you for coming there. Thank you for praying. Thank you for speaking. And thank you for all the beautiful baby gifts.”

Dorothy (a mom who chose LIFE for her daughter, Gabby!)

“Your kindness makes me cry. I really thank the Lord. I believe He is always with me, now that I have accepted Him in my life.”

Lupita (a mom who chose LIFE for her son, Henri!)